Wednesday, September 23, 2009

goodbye summer, hello summer? ENDLESS SUMMER

some days you wake up and stumble upon something that completely changes your mind about the day.
after reading all about the equinox yesterday and feeling a little bummed what with summer being over and the days getting shorter,
i remembered that it doesn't get truly cold in california. it is basically summer all the time, but like a cold summer that you have to stay inside and play
board games with yr grandma even though you don't want to. But then you wind up having a ton of fun because your grandma cheats and then makes
you an ice cream sundae even though it's cold out.
billy stewart basically just blew the roof off this jam and has made me ready to go to the grocery store, clean my room, try to become gainfully employed,
and generally make myself a better person. He also has an amazing hat, and his scat style will make you get so jazzed up you might pee.
so look out dudes HERE COMES SUMMER FOREVER.
ps sorry this looks funny.
still don't really know what a "blog" is.

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