Monday, September 28, 2009

(maybe)Don't Bomb The MoonFest Recap

this saturday's "Don't Bomb the MoonFest" had a really good flier. It had a really good line up and a hilarious premise: to stop NASA from bombing the moon. It pretty much had me sold by the time I uncrossed my eyes and read that little slip of paper.
The actual event however was a little wishy-washy. The curator of the event Jarret Mitchel, stood up before the first act and took the microphone and began to speak of his longtime love affair with the moon...since july...when he heard someone was going to bomb it.
"If there's one thing I know about the moon," he proclaimed, "Don't fuck with that motherfucker!" LOOKS LIKE HIS CAUSE JUST FOUND A SLOGAN.
anyways, after this he rambled on for a while about john lennon, the US government, moon cycles, and how you should buy his art which was for sale in front. Not exactly a super convincing argument for not bombing the moon, but he seemed nice enough.
The first act Famous Techno, a newish project from two local jammiez, started off the night with a good if underdeveloped leap into the world of noise house. filtered but aggressive beats bled out of the amps, coupled with theremin hits and various other noise oscillations. I'm excited to see what they do next as they keep playing together. I don't know what their names are because it turns out googling "Famous Techno" doesn't really get you anywhere in the name game. well, maybe next time my social skillz will be sharpened and I'll figure it out. Who knows. second from the top of this there's a picture of them ripping.
After Famous Techno, another round of anti-moon bombing marketing, then Work came on. I saw Work this august in wisconsin in the middle of the day, they ripped pretty hard then with a "it's not loud enough unless your ears are bleeding" mentality. Sarah Bernat brings half the heat with some guitar savagery, banging out power chords and letting them ring. Erin Allen bangs on a floor tom and a snare filtered through hecka effects. The result is a super loud liquid jammer that is like Buzz Meeks hanging out with Sword Heaven. Bernat's vocals are like an angrier Pukers, and the music sounds like if the Pukers didn't just want to puke on you. When Bernat screams "I woke up, covered in blood. What have I done?" I can't help but recall "Why are you crying?" from the LA band. maybe theyre buds, who knows. But Work still slayed harder than almost anyone Saturday so check them out if you get a chance. The top picture is them!
After Work there was Piles. Piles is Eric from Numbers new jammer with aaaalaadddyyyyyyypILeS AND WORK HAVE A SPLIT AND IT WAS PRETTY OKAY.

Erase Eratta were not good. i have more to say about this. but not at this juncture. i will elaborate in the future in an essay i am working on. I GOT REAL DISTRACTED AND HAVENT POSTED IN A BIT. ALSO, WE ALREADY BOMBED THE MOON. it didn't mess anything up yet, and we didn't find anything. I'm sticking with this event that I was writing about was really just a scam for this dude from Portland to sell his silkscreens. That's what the internet is for buddy! Not the moon!

okay. more soon. i got a job. feeling better. gonna write more sooooooon. working with wholphin to help produce one of Lena Dunham's next projects. it's going to be hilarious.

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